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Adeptia Suite is shipped with pre-built Process Flows that are based on real business scenarios. This Evaluation Guide describes how to create and run these Process Flows. It provides an overview of these Process Flows, the activities that comprise these Process Flows and the steps describing how to execute these Process Flows. 

Target Audience

This document is intended for the users who are evaluating Adeptia Suite and will execute the pre-bundled process flows. It is recommended that you should first read the Getting Started Guide, before reading this guide.


It is assumed at this point that you have read the Getting Started Guide and logged into the Adeptia Suite application. 

Before using the evaluation guide, download and install the Adeptia Suite from our website To know how to install Adeptia Suite, refer to the Installation Guide

How is this guide organized?

This guide is organized into the following sections:




Introduction to this document

Data Transformation Flow

Use of Database Driver and Database Info, Database Schema, Database Source, Different Mapping function, Excel Schema and File Target

Custom Plugin Process Flow

Use of File Source, Custom Plugin, Text Schema, Mapping, Excel Schema, Compression, Put-Context-Var and File Target

Process Designer Process Flow

Use of File Source, Context Target, Context Source, Repeater, File target, Decision Node and Mail Target

Process Flow to Process Excel Data

Use of Mail Event, Mail Source, Excel Schema, Mapping, Database Schema, Database Target and Process Designer

JMS Event Driven Process Flow

Use of JMS Event, Context Source, Text Schema, Mapping, Database Schema, Database Driver, Database Info and Database Target

Record to Record Service Process Flow

Use of File Source, Positional Schema, Record to Record Service, JMS Target, Mail Notification and Process Flow Variable



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