This feature of Adeptia Suite allows you to manage projects based on your group. This feature will display only the activities that belong to your group. However, all the projects and activities will be visible to the Adeptia Suite server administrator (hereby referred to as an Administrator). An Administrator can perform the following activities:

  • Create a project for any group
  • Edit or modify a project of any group
  • Delete any project from any group
  • List activities for any group
  • Move activities between groups
  • Assign activities to a project for any group
  • Check-in activities for any group
  • Bulk check-in of activities for any project within any group


The Administrator needs to categorize all the existing projects in groups, by editing the projects and assigning them to groups.

Apart from these activities, an administrator can also select a user as a group administrator for a particular group. This group administrator would manage that group. The responsibilities of a group administrator are as follows:

  • Creating a project for the group
  • Editing or modifying a project of the group
  • Deleting any project from the group
  • List all activities for the group
  • Move activities within the group
  • Assign activities to a project within a group
  • Check-in activities within a group
  • Bulk check-in activities for a project within its group

    There may be multiple group admins for multiple groups. A single group admin cannot administer multiple groups.

    The Group Admin has to create users who would work in a particular group. However, the Administrator can also select these group members. A developer is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Assigning activities to a project within a group
  • Listing activities in its group
  • Checking-in activities within a group

    You cannot change the group of the project, if you have assigned a project to a group, and that project contains activities.

  • You can update the group of all old projects, if those projects have activities that belong to only a single group.|
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