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An event may not be fired at the scheduled time due to multiple reasons. These are outlined as:

  • No thread is available (refer to org.quartz .th readPool.threadCount property in the Administrator guide)
  • System is busy

When the event is not fired at the scheduled time, it is considered as a delayed event. The delayed event will be fired, when the thread becomes available or the system is not too busy. This will happen as long as delay is not more than misfire threshold. If delay is more than misfire threshold, event is considered as a misfired event. The misfire threshold is specified by following parameter defined in file:

org.quartz.jobStore.misfireThreshold = 10000
10000 = 10 Seconds

10 seconds is the default value of misfire threshold, which can be changed, based on your requirements.
The process of changing the advanced properties of a File Event is explained below.

To change the permission of an activity:

  1. On the Adeptia Suite homepage, click on the Develop tab.
  2. Go to *Events ? File{*}. This action will display you the Manage File screen (see Figure 731).

    Figure 731: Manage File Screen 

  3. Click the activity that you want to edit. This action will display you the Edit File Event screen.
  4. To change the advance properties, click on the Advanced Properties section. This action will display you the advanced properties of File event (see Figure 732).

    Figure 732: View Advanced Properties (File Event)

  5.  If you want to enable misfire handling for your file event then, select the Run Once option from the Action on Misfire Event drop-down list. If you do not wish to enable misfire handling for your file event then, select the Ignore Misfire option.

    The Run Once option will run only one collective instance of all the misfires for a particular event. Whereas the Ignore Misfire option will not run a misfired event.
    The default value for Action on Misfire Event field is set to Run Once for all of the earlier events.

  6. After changing the properties, click the Save button to save the changes. 22
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