Load Management is an advanced feature of Adeptia BPM Server that uses Queue Processor to manage the load. Queue Processor is used to limit the number of process flows executing simultaneously to improve the performance of the system. It also helps in minimizing process flow execution failures due to lack of system resources such as CPU and Memory. All the process flows, which are to be executed, are submitted to the Queue Processor allowing only specified number of process flows to be executed at a time. Rest of the process flows are queued and are stored in the database.

In clustering mode, only the Queue Processor of primary node is used to fire the jobs (request for execution of process flows). If primary node goes down, any other node from the cluster becomes the primary node. So it is recommended to enable Queue Processor on all the nodes of the cluster. The queuing of jobs (request for execution of process flows) can be done by any node in cluster mode.

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