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This section explains how to Load the Web Service Provider Activity into Data Mapper.

Steps to Load the Web Service Provider Activity into Data Mapper

  1. Create a new data mapping activity for the respective Web Service Provider activity. While loading the schema, select the WS Provider tab from theSchema Type column in the Select Schema dialog box (see Figure 333).

    Figure 333: Select Schema

  2. Click the Load button. This action will display you the Select Operation Dialog box.
  3. Select an operation from the Operation drop-down list. If there is only one operation for this WS Provider activity, then the Adeptia Suite will show you only that operation as selected (see Figure 334).

    Figure 334: Select Operation Dialog Box

  4. Select the XSD type from the XSD type drop-down list (see Figure 335).

    Figure 335: Select Operation Dialog

  5. Click OK to save the changes. This will upload the WS Provider schema in the Data Mapper (see Figure 336).

Figure 336: Data Mapper

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