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Adeptia Suite keeps all the design time and runtime information in the log database tables. These logs help you in debugging and troubleshooting any problem.

When Process Flows are executed, each Process Flow creates temporary files to store intermediate data called repository files. For each instance of the Process Flow execution, a unique repository folder is created at .../AdeptiaServer-x.x/ServerKernel/web/repository that contains source, intermediate XML data files, and target formatted data. 

These logs and data can cause issues if they accumulate over a long period of time. Adeptia Suite has a Cleanup task that is scheduled to run at a specified time to clean up the logs and temporary repository files older than a specified number of days.

Following are the major subsections:

Section NameDescription

Cleaning up Log and Repository

Configuring Clean up schedule and retain time.

Cleaning up Application Logs

Configuring Clean up schedule and retain time to clean the application logs.

Archival of Logs and Repository

Learn how to archive logs and repository files before the cleanup.

Cleaning up Archival Logs

Learn how to clean archival logs.

Rescheduling of Cleanup

Rescheduling the automatic cleanup of data, log, and archive files.
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