Managing activities involves creating new activities, editing or deleting the existing activities, and saving another instance of those activities. It also includes viewing a revision history of activities and a list of related activities associated with an activity. Creation of various Adeptia Server activities has been covered in previous sections.

For editing, deleting, saving another instance of activities, viewing revision history and list of related activities, refer to the sections below:

Section NameDescription

Searching an Activity

Learn how to search an activity by using types of search criteria.

Viewing Properties of an Activity 

Learn how to view the properties of an activity.

Editing an Activity

Step-by-step instructions to edit an activity.

Deleting an Activity

Learn how to delete an activity.

Viewing Dependent Activities of an Activity

Know how to view the dependent activities of an activity.

Setting Default Permission for Activities

Setting permissions to the activities by different users.
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