You can manage activities within a project also. On the Projects page, click the project to view the activities within the project and edit or delete any activity within the project. In addition, you can also check-in the activity, if you have enabled versioning in your Adeptia Suite installation. 

You cannot create an activity from the Projects page. You can only manage activities from this page.

The Projects page lists all the similar activities in a group. The group heading displays the type of activities along with the number of activities within that group. For example, all the File Source activities are grouped together and all the File Target activities are grouped together. In addition, the page has the following two buttons:

  • Move: You can move the selected activity to any other project, if required; only Administrator and System Admin group user can move the activity. By default, it is disabled. Select any activity or activities to enable this button. 
  • Back: This button takes you back to the Projects page from the Activities page.

Steps to Manage Activities within a Project:

  1. Go to Develop > Projects to view the list of projects. 
  2. Click the project to view the list of activities included within the project (the activities appear in alphabetical order) with each group displaying the number of activities.  

  3. Click the group to view the list of activities within that group.


  4. Right-click the activity to view the context menu of an activity. Alternately, click the icon under the Action column to view the menu. Select the operation you want to perform on the activity.


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