This section is relevant to you if you have used the Projects feature of Adeptia Suite in V6.0 and now have upgraded to V6.1 or later.

The group-level scope feature of Adeptia Suite allows you to manage your projects based on the group of a user. This means that after you upgrade to Adeptia Suite V6.1 or above, your projects will not be visible to you if:

  • You log-in with a developer user's user-id and password.
  • You log-in with a business user's user-id and password.

Perform the following steps, before you start using the Project feature in Adeptia Suite V6.1 or later.

  1. Login with System Admin user type to see all your existing projects.
  2. As the scope of the project is now at the group level, assign the group to the projects by editing all projects.

    For more information on how to assign a group to a project, refer to Creating a Project .

    To learn about the scope of the project, refer to Group Level Project Scope.

  3. If there are activities of multiple groups within a project, move the objects of that project to a new group and then assign a project to that group.

    For information on how to move the objects of a project to a new group, refer to Moving Objects of a Project.

  4. After you assign a group to a project, assign the project to all the users in that group.

    For more information on how to assign a project to a user, refer to Assigning a Default Project to a User.

  5. Logout as System Admin and login as a normal user.


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