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This guide provides an overview of Adeptia Modeler and covers the description and usage of its features and capabilities. Its goal is to guide the users of Adeptia Modeler to easily and effectively utilize this product to document, analyze, understand, optimize, and enhance business processes.

Adeptia Modeler is to be primarily used by business analysts or managers, in order to design, document, analyze and then improve the efficiency and quality of business processes. This tool is also useful for management and process consultants to help their clients document, understand and improve their processes. It is ideal for process re-engineering initiatives in order to document "as-is" processes and identify "to-be" processes.

Following are the major sections of this guide:

Section Name


Business Process Modeling

Modeling processes using a business process modeling tool.

Business Process Simulation

Enhancing the performance and cost reduction of business process.

Process Modeler

Designing better and effective business process flows.

Process Modeling Methodology

Documenting, Simulating, and Improving the business process.

Modeler Overview

Executing all aspects of Process Modeling methodology.

Understanding Adeptia Process Applet

Overview of Adeptia Modeler user interface.

Using Adeptia Modeler

Managing and performing the functions on the canvas of Adeptia Modeler.

Simulator Overview

Designing better, effective, and more optimized business process flows.

Simulator User Interface

Overview of Simulator user interface.

Using Simulator

Process Model, Process Simulator, Resource Set, Scenario, executing Simulation Scenario, and generating Simulation report.

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