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Perform the following steps to start Kernel and WebRunner:

  1. Open Terminal.
  2. Go to the directory where Adeptia Suite is installed.
  3. Type ./ to start.

To stop the services, type ./

To ensure that Adeptia Suite Kernel and WebRunner are started successfully, go to the directory .../<AdeptiaSuiteInstallFolder>/AdeptiaServer/ServerKernel/logs/applicationlogs and type the command

cat KernelApplication.log
cat WebrunnerApplication.log

These commands will display the details of the KernelApplication.log and WebrunnerApplication.log files respectively. Ensure that these files contain the message that "Kernel has started successfully" and "WebRunner has started successfully".

When you execute ./ to start Kernel and WebRunner, Adeptia Suite generates a config.log file in the .../<AdeptiaSuiteInstallFolder>/AdeptiaServer/ServerKernel folder. This file contains information that will help in troubleshooting, email this file to Adeptia Technical Support.
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