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Hardware Configurations

To get the better performance, it is recommended to use servers with the configuration given below:

NameMinimum RequirementRecommended
CPU cores42 quad-core CPU (8 cores)
OS 64-bit
Hard disk200 GB500 GB
Log Database For higher performance, a separate database for logs such as MS SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL. By default, an embedded database is used which limits the performance. For higher performance, the log DB can be installed on a separate server.

Depending on the size of the data and performance needed, servers with higher configuration can be used. 

Software Configurations

To get the better performance, it is recommended to configure your Adeptia with the parameters given below:

Optimize or Configure Adeptia Services

You can configure Adeptia databases on separate servers to distribute server load. Below are the areas you can configure in Adeptia to manage server load for better performance:

Optimize your Adeptia JVM to Avoid Memory Issues

  • Adeptia Kernel and WebRunner use different JVMs. You can configure your Kernel and WebRunner JVMs separately in Adeptia file. Refer to the below forum link to configure Java memory settings:

    Restart Adeptia Services if you have made any change.
  • As a best practice, it is recommended to use below settings for JVM:

    Operating System and Java JRE: 64 bit
    Java heap size for Kernel: 60% of the total memory
    Java heap size for WebRunner: 20 % of the total memory

    For Example:
    For 8GB RAM - Kernel = 4.8GB;
    For 16GB RAM – Kernel = 10GB; WebRunner = 3.2GB

For Concurrent Processes

If the RAM size assigned to Adeptia Kernel JVM is 8GB then use half of that for the transaction processing and that to be based on the maximum size of data volume.

  • Kernel JVM = 8GB
  • To be used for processing = 4GB
  • Typical file size = say 40KB
  • Overhead per file process flow = 100KB
  • Total needed per process flow runtime instance = 100KB + 40KB = 140KB
  • Concurrent setting = 4GB / 140KB = 28 or 30

If the CPU utilization is above 80% then reduce the concurrency settings.

You need to configure the properties to use Adeptia Suite in a production environment, click here to know the configuration properties for running Adeptia Suite.

See Also:

Configuration Settings for Production Environment

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