After user has enabled Resource-Based-Round-Robin allocation of jobs, Adeptia would check for the available resources on every node of the cluster before allocating a job in round-robin method. Whereas, in a normal round-robin method, system allocates the job to the next node in sequence without checking for availability of the resources on that node. After enabling this feature, if resources are not available on that node, it will move to the next node without allocating the job (after logging a notification in kernel logs file), and check the next node in the sequence for allocating the job. To enable resource-based allocation in Clustering:

  1. Go to Administer > Setup> Application Settings
  2. From Application Settings, go to Update System Properties > Load Management > Cluster and Queue Processor Configuration.
  3. Write Resource-Based-Round-Robin in the value box for cluster.load.balance.policy property.

  4. Click Save.
  5. Restart Kernel & WebRunner.

    In case there is no resource available in any of the node of the cluster, then system will wait for the time set in abpm.node.resourceavailability.check.waiting.period property. Users can view the notification of unsuccessful allocation of the job to a node in the kernel logs file.

  6. To set the threshold and waiting time go to Administer > Setup> Application Settings
  7. From Application Settings, go to Update System Properties > Load Management > System Throttling.



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