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An activity can be searched by its name or description from the list of activities.

Steps to search an activity (for example Text Schema activity)

  1. On the Adeptia Suite homepage, click the Develop tab.
  2. Go to Services > Schema and then click Text.

    The Manage Text Schema screen is displayed (see Figure 658).

    Figure 658: Manage Activity

  3. Enter the search criteria in the textbox Search. For example, if you want to search all the activities that have Routing in the Name or Description then enter Routing in the Search field (see Figure 659).

    Figure 659: Enter Search Criteria

  4. Click the Search button. The searched activity is displayed (see Figure 660).

    Figure 660: Search Result

  5. To close the search and view the listing of all activities, click X button which is placed within the Search box.

Using Wild Cards in Search

If you do not remember the entire name or description of the activity, you can use Wild Card characters to search the activity. Once you select the option from the Select Search Option dropdown list, you can use a Wild Card character in the Criteria field. The Wild Card characters supported by Adeptia are described in the table below.
Table 1: Wild Card characters supported by Adeptia

Wild Card Character




Signifies one character in the string

  • Eval?MSE_TextSchema

    Searches for a string which has a character between Eval and MSE_TextSchema. Thus it displays EvalJMSE_TextSchema.
  • Eval???E?TextSchema
    Searches for a string which has three characters after Eval and one character after E. Thus it displays EvalJMSE_TextSchema.


Signifies multiple characters in a string

  • Eval*E_TextSchema

    Searches for a string which has one or more characters after Eval and before E_TextSchema. Thus, it displays EvalJMSE_Text Schema.
  • Eval *

    Searches for a string which has one or more characters after Eval. In such a case, it can display more than one strings such as EvalJMSE_TextSchema, EvalScript_TextSchema
    EvalXForm_ExcelSchema, etc.
    You can select the string that you want from this list.
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