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Threshold values are the values that will display in the red color, in the System Console screen, as the value specified corresponding to the property in this screen. This section will assist you to know how to set the threshold values corresponding to the properties.

  1. Go to Administer > SetupApplication Settings.

  2. Click Update System Properties.

  3. Expand Systems > Diagnostics and do the following.

  4. Type the threshold values corresponding to the properties. The description of each property is explained in the below table:

    Property Name



    Number of days remaining in the license expiry.


    Value in % for the Kernel heap usage.


    Value in % for the WebRunner heap usage.


    Value in % for the Queue processor size.


    Value in % for the CPU usage.


    Value in % for the RAM usage.


    Value in % for the Disk usage.

    abpm.diagnostics.kernel.backend.connection.thresholdValue in % for the Kernel backend database connection count.
    abpm.diagnostics.webrunner.backend.connection.thresholdValue in % for the WebRunner backend database connection count.
    abpm.diagnostics.kernel.log.connection.thresholdValue in % for the Kernel log database connection count.
    abpm.diagnostics.webrunner.log.connection.thresholdValue in % for the WebRunner log database connection count.
    abpm.diagnostics.repository.usage.thresholdValue in % for the Repository usage.
    abpm.database.table.size.thresholdNumber of rows in a database table, default is 2000000.

    Time interval (in minutes) when system triggers a check for each component reaching its threshold. If the property is left blank, system will not initiate a check and no notification is sent to the email id(s) mentioned in property (referred in the next row).

    abpm.diagnostics.notification.receiver.emailEmail id(s) mentioned here will receive notifications when a component's threshold reaches its specified limit. Separate multiple email ids by a comma.

    It will look like this:


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