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Depending upon the number of events running at a time, you need to adjust the value of two parameters to avoid delay of the scheduled event.
  1. Go to the …/AdeptiaServer/ServerKernel/etc folder.
  2. Open file in Notepad.

  3. Adjust the value of the parameters - threadCount and misfireThreshold.
org.quartz.jobStore.misfireThreshold = 60000, where 60000 is the default value.
org.quartz.threadPool.threadCount = 50

misfireThreshold: Time interval (in milliseconds) to consider an event as misfire event.

threadCount: Total number of working threads to execute scheduled events. The value depends on the number of events to be executed at the scheduled time.

If an event is not fired at its scheduled time, the event is considered as a delayed event. When the thread and system become available, the delayed event will be fired. This will happen as long as delay is not more than misfire threshold. If the delay is more than misfire threshold, the event is considered as a misfired event.

At times, we need to fire large number of events at the schedule time but due to the following reasons, events may not fire at its schedule time.

  • No thread available
  • System is busy
  • Log Cleanup. Make sure that:
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