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If you want to update your existing WS Provider activity (created using wsdl4j parser) with the new parser (EasyWSDL Parser) then you can do that by following the steps mentioned below: 

Steps to Use EasyWSDL Parser for Existing Web Service Provider Activity

  1. On the Adeptia Suite homepage, click the Develop tab.
  2. Go to Services Web Services and then click Provider.
  3. Click on the existing activity that you want to parse using EasyWSDL parser.
  4. Check the Move to New Parser (EasyWSDL) checkbox (see Figure 342).

    Figure 342: Move To EasyWSDL Parser

  5. Follow the steps of the wizard and then click the Save button to save your activity.

    The Help link beside the Move to New Parser (EasyWSDL) checkbox provides you with some additional information about the parser.

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