Dashboard collects data from various data sources, even outside Adeptia Server. When the user executes Dashboard, it displays the results in a graphical format with four different components clubbed together to form a single Dashboard. Monitoring Dashboard provides Adeptia Server user with real-time visibility into the performance of decisive services.

Monitoring Dashboard enables Administrator to analyze discrepancies between expected and actual performance and to monitor compliance with IT operational best practices in real-time. Dashboard enable users to represent data in the form of PIE chart, Bar Chart, String chart, and Table chart.

Dashboard applet represents data using the four components:

  • Bar Chart
  • String Chart
  • Table Chart
  • PIE Chart

Dashboard enable business users to view business level information such as number of orders received per customer (Bar Chart), Orders processed per business users (Bar Chart), Orders received per item (PIE Chart), List of new customers today (Table Chart), maximum order of the day (String Chart). 


  • To create any Dashboard activity, Database Driver and Database Info must be created and the table used for selection of columns for customized Dashboard creation must exist.
  • JRE 1.5 needs to be installed on your computer and Pop-up Blocker needs to be disabled in the web browser to open the Dashboard applet.

Following are the major subsections:

Section NameDescription

Creating Custom Report

Introduction to Custom Report and step-by-step instructions to create Custom Report are also provided.

Creating Dashboard Component Activity

Step-by-step instructions to create Dashboard Component using different types of charts.

Creating Dashboard Design Activity

Step-by-step instructions to create Dashboard Design.

Executing Dashboard Design

Step-by-step instructions to execute Dashboard Design.
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