In Adeptia Suite, you create and maintain your objects within a group or project. Sometimes you may have to modify the same objects multiple times. It is also possible that same object has been modified by more than one user at different point of time. So it becomes important to maintain the version as well as revision history of the objects. Without revision history of the activity, you cannot find out which user has made the respective change to the activity. Therefore, to avoid such circumstances, Adeptia Suite provides the ability to version control the objects.

Versioning refers to the process of assigning unique version numbers to unique states of the activities and objects. These numbers are generally assigned in increasing order and correspond to new developments in a group or project. For example, if you create any activity and check-in the activity, it will be automatically assigned as version 1 and the activities created and checked-in after that will be assigned with very subsequent revisions, that is, the activities will be saved as revision 2, 3, 4, and so on. 

Versioning enables you to:

  • Maintain unique versions of the changes done to a single activity.
  • Check-in all objects of a group or Project to store them in version control system
  • Perform check-in on individual activity to store them in the version control system.
  • Maintain revision history as to know which user worked on which activity.
  • Check-out any version of individual activity to work on.

By default Versioning is disabled. To enable versioning of objects, Adeptia uses Apache Subversion (SVN) and Git Version Control, which is a software versioning and revision control system distributed under open source license. Adeptia Suite now supports both Version Control System. This is user defined and you can choose anyone for versioning.

To use versioning in Adeptia Suite, you need to install SVN or Git and integrate it with Adeptia Suite. If you are using Git then you can migrate your previous activity from SVN to Git version control system, click here to get more details.

Following are the major subsections:

Section NameDescription

Installing and Configuring Apache SubVersion

Know how to install Apache SubVersion (SVN).

Configuring Adeptia Suite For Version Control

Learn how to configure Versioning.

Check-in a Project

Learn how to check-in a project once you apply versioning.

Check-in a Group

Learn how to check-in a group once you apply versioning.

Check-in a single activity into SVN

Step-by-step instructions to check-in a single activity into SVN.

Replacing the Current Version with Previous Version

Step-by-step instructions to replace the current version of the activity with any of the previous versions of the activity stored in SVN. 

Viewing Revision History of an Activity

Learn how to view the revision history of an activity such as how many times a particular activity has been checked in, date and time when the activity has been checked in to SVN server, and much more.
Migrating SVN to Git Version Control SystemStep-by-step instructions to migrate SVN to Git Version Control System
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