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Vault is a repository that keeps confidential information secured in the Database. Vault provides a robust security level, by adding more security while saving and accessing the classified data. Instead of storing information as a plain text, Vault is used to securely save and fetch data in an encrypted form. The services that use Vault includes Database Info, Custom Plugin, Web Service REST Consumer, and Put-Context-Var Action.

 Create Vault and Keys

To create a Vault and define its custom keys to store and fetch the confidential information:

  1. Go to Develop > Services > Security Vault

  2. Click Create New.

  3. Type the name and description of the new Vault.

  4. You can change Vault Alias before you hit Save. Once saved, you cannot modify the field.


    Vault Alias is a unique field. It holds the parameters which in turn are used to save the confidential information.

  5. Type in a key and its value.

  6. Click Add to add a new Parameter.

  7. Click  to view the hidden values. Click  to mask the password. To delete a parameter, click  in front of it.

  8. Expand Advanced Properties to change the project and owner of this vault. Also provide/update permission of Read, Write, or Execute to Owner, Group, and Others. Click here for more information on how permissions work.
  9. Click Save.
 Using Vault

After you have created a vault, replace the confidential information while using a service, with the text in the following syntax:



  • Vault is a keyword (V in 'Vault' is UPPERCASE), preceded by opening curly parentheses.
  • aliasName is the Vault Alias, where the parameter is defined.
  • key is the parameter which stores the confidential information.
  • Finally closed by a closing curly parentheses.
  • A period is used as a separator between Vault and aliasName; and aliasName and key.

You can use Vault to mask the confidential information instead of providing it as a plain text, in the following services:

 Edit Vault
  1. Click the Vault Name or, Click  next to the Vault you wish to edit, and select Edit.

    You can edit the information in the window that appears. Note that you CANNOT rename Alias once it is created. Other details that CANNOT be modified are 'Creation Date', 'Modified Date' and, 'Last Modified by'.

  2. Click Save.
 View Vault
  1. Click  next to the Vault you wish to view.
  2. Click 'View'. A new window will open up with information about the vault.


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