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A project in Adeptia Suite can have different types of activities, such as a File Source activity, an FTP Event activity, or a Database schema and may have multiple process flows. You can save all objects (Activities & and Process Flows) within a Project: in other words, a Project is a container for these activities and objects.


Section NameDescription

Creating a Project

Step-by-step instructions for beginners to create a new project.

Managing Backward Compatibility

Learn how to manage objects when you upgrade from old edition to new edition.

Group Level Project Scope

Managing projects based on a User Group.

Assigning a Default Project to a user

Learn how to assign a default project to a user or users belonging to multiple groups. Also, learn how to assign an existing project to a group.

Adding an Activity to a Project

Craeting Creating and saving an activity within a project.

Managing Activities Within a Project

Learn how to manage activities within the respective project.

Moving Objects of a Project

Step-by-step instructions to move objects from one project to another project.

Moving Activities from one Project to another Project

Step-by-step instructions to move all (or selected) activities of a project to another project.

Deleting a Project

Step-by-step instructions to delete a project.