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A project in Adeptia Suite can have different types of activities, such as a File Source activity, an FTP Event activity, or a Database schema and may have multiple process flows. You can save all objects (Activities and Process Flows) within a Project: in other words, a Project is a container for these activities and objects.

Also, Projects help you manage objects of your process within a Project and perform basic operations, such as View, Edit, and Delete. In addition, before deleting an object, you can also check the dependencies. However, you cannot create an object within a Project. You can only add an object to a Project by saving the object (at the time of creating or editing the object) within the required project. 

You can create multiple Projects to manage and organize different processes, and manage all these Projects from a single screen and perform the basic operations, such as Create, View, Edit, and Delete on these projects. Adeptia Suite already has a project named Default and if you do not add your object in any of the projects, or if you do not select any project while creating or editing the object, then by default, the objects will be added in the Default project.

Manage projects based on a user group through Group Level Project ScopeYou can only view the activities that belong to your group.


After installing the patch 6.1, you will not be able to view any of the existing projects that you had created using any previous version of Adeptia Suite, that is 6.0 or older.

To resolve this issue refer to Managing Backward Compatibility section or contact your Administrator who can edit and assign all the existing projects to appropriate groups.

Following are the major subsections:

Section NameDescription

Creating a Project

Step-by-step instructions for beginners to create a new project.

Managing Backward Compatibility

Learn how to manage objects when you upgrade from old edition to new edition.

Group Level Project Scope

Managing projects based on a User Group.

Assigning a Default Project to a user

Learn how to assign a default project to a user or users belonging to multiple groups. Also, learn how to assign an existing project to a group.

Adding an Activity to a Project

Creating and saving an activity within a project.

Managing Activities Within a Project

Learn how to manage activities within the respective project.

Moving Objects of a Project

Step-by-step instructions to move objects from one project to another project.

Moving Activities from one Project to another Project

Step-by-step instructions to move all (or selected) activities of a project to another project.

Deleting a Project

Step-by-step instructions to delete a project.