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A Human Workflow activity allows user(s) to interact with running process flows. It can provide data and/or get data from the process flow at runtime. A user can decide the execution path of the process flow based on the data processed.

For example, if a purchase order is issued for $75,000, it may require approval from the Manager. The user can use a WorkFlow activity in such a case. The Workflow activity allows you to design an HTML page to perform this task. This HTML page can have all details of the purchase order and a button to Approve or Reject. Further, the activity allows you to assign this task to the required person such as the manager, in this case. Once the Workflow activity is created, you can use this activity in the required process flow. When the process flow is executed, this activity gets listed as a task in the Manager's Task List. The Manager can open that task and click the appropriate button to accept or reject the purchase order. If the manager accepts it, then the process flow will continue, else a rejection message will be sent to the user.

The Manager can enter input by clicking the Open Task link on the Task Manager screen. This displays the HTML form, where the Manager can enter input and click Complete Task or Save Task button.
Thus, users can use the Workflow service to perform various tasks such as:

  • Design HTML page to show details of the task to be executed
  • Assign tasks to other users and send them emails requesting for their necessary actions. These assigned tasks get listed in the Task Manager.
  • Set Due date and Expiry date of the assigned task
  • Defer the task to other users is not completed with due date


    At times, the execution of tasks listed in the Task Manager may get interrupted due to the Kernel getting disconnected. To retain the executed data, the Human Workflow activity is equipped with the Recovery Support feature, which recovers all the executed data, at the next login.

Following are the major subsections:

Section NameDescription

Creating Human Workflow Task

Instructions for designing your first workflow from start to finish.
Executing Human Workflow TaskLearn how to execute human workflow task from the Task Manager. Also, learn how to reassign the task to any user of your group.