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Mail Source provides the ability to specify a file as a source and is accessible via email.

Perform the following steps to create a mail source activity:

  1. On the Develop tab, click Services Source Mail.

  2. Click Create New to view New Mail Source screen.

Field Name
NameName of the new mail source.
DescriptionDescription of the new mail source.
ProtocolInternet standard protocol to be used for retrieving incoming mails. The available options are POP3 and IMAP4. Based on the selected protocol, the default port number for that protocol is displayed in the Port text box.
Incoming Mail ServerIncoming mail (SMTP) Server address.
Security TypeProtocol that provide data encryption and authentication between applications and servers in scenarios where that data is being sent across an insecure network. The available options are SSLTLSNone. Supported TLS version is 1.2.
PortPort number of the Incoming Mail Server.
User IdUsername of the mail server.
PasswordPassword of the mail server.
Confirm PasswordPassword to confirm.
Search CriteriaCriteria for the email. The available options are: Sender E-mail, Subject, Mail Content. You can select more than one filter criteria. You can use asterisk and wild cards in the content of the email.
Data Location

Location of the data in the email. The available options are Attachment, Body, and Multipart.

  • Choose Attachment to send the data as an attachment.
  • Choose Body to send the data in the email body.
  • Choose Multipart to send both attachments and email body in the mail source.

If you choose MultiPart to send both Attachment and body in the Mail Source, there will be no additional step to send the Body, you just have to pass the stream. However, you have to create a Put-Context Var activity before the mail source and set the variable and Message Body in Variable Value.

For example:

VariableName: Service.<<MailSourceActivityName>>.MessageBody
Body Content TypeType of content of the body. The available options are text/html and text/plain.


File NameName of the file, if the data is to be sent in the email as an attachment. Mail Source activity does not support more than one file attachment.
Leave Copy on ServerCopy of the email to leave on the server.

For information about Advanced Properties, refer to Changing Advanced Properties.

Click Test to verify the mail source activity at design time. This verifies the values in the Incoming Mail (POP3) Server, Port, User ID and Password text boxes and checks whether the source activity actually exists in the specified location or not.

When a mail event triggers process flows, each process flow uses a mail source. At times, when multiple process flows use a mail source, errors can occur. In such case, you can retry the action before exiting the mail source. You can also set the number of retries in the abpm.mailEvent.retry property.