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Adeptia Suite enables you to create separate Keystores and Truststores. A keystore is collection of certificates and private keys. You can use a keystore with your security policies and web service consumer activities. Keystore stores your certificates and private keys that you can give to your client. Whereas, a Truststore stores all your trusted parties' certificates. Adeptia Suite also allows backward compatibility to support all you previously created keystores. However, the Adeptia Suite will treat treats all of your previous truststores as keystores.

You can create a keystore either manually or by uploading a keystore file. If you want to To manually create a keystore then, you need to provide information for many fields. You can find the description about these fields in the table below.Table 1: Description of Keystore Fieldsconfigure the fields given in the following table :

Keystore Fields


KeyStore Password

Enter a password of your keystore that you want to set

Confirm Password

Confirm the password of your keystore

Private Key Password

Enter a password of your private key that you want to set

Confirm Password

Confirm the password of your private key


Enter a name for the identity of the keystore that you are creating

Key Algorithm

Select an algorithm to encrypt your keystore. You can choose from either DSA or RSA

Key Size

Specify the encryption key size of the encryption algorithm. The minimum size for DSA is 512 and for RSA is 1024 but we recommend you to use an algorithm of at least 1024 and 2048 key size respectively.

Common Name

Enter a name that you want to associate with the generated certificate, like a name of a person, e.g. "Susan Jones".

Organization Unit

Name of the organization unit where you work

Organization Name

Name of your organization


Locality of your organization


State where your organization is situated


Country where your organization is located


Enter the number of days for which your keystore will be valid.

Signature Algorithm

Select an algorithm to encrypt your signature. You can choose from SHA1 with DSA, SHA1 with RSA, MD5 with RSA, and RIPEMD160 with RSA.