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Following are the major sections of this guide:


Section NameDescription
Recommended ConfigurationRecommended configuration for better performance.
Configuration Settings for Production EnvironmentSettings to use Adeptia Suite according to your Adeptia Suite Edition.
Java Heap SizeRecommended settings for Java heap size for Kernel and WebRunner.
DB Connection Pool

Recommended configuration for Log database and backend database connection pool.

Configure Logging LevelLogging levels.
Process Flow SettingsConfiguring Process Flow.
Process Flow DesignFactors determining the performance of a process flow.
Tuning for Large Volume DataConfiguration for large volume data.

Tuning for Large Number of Transactions

Configuration for a large number of transactions.
Tuning for High Number of Concurrent UsersConfiguration for a high number of concurrent users.
Tuning for Large Number of EventsConfiguration for a large number of events.