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  1. Go to to view the details of Adeptia Connect helm package.
  2. Add Adeptia Connect repo using following command:

    Code Block
    helm repo add adeptia-connect

  3. Click DEFAULT VALUES to download the values.yaml file.
  4. Update the values.yaml as per instruction given in this section.

  5. Run the the following command to deploy the application.

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    helm install adeptia-connect adeptia-connect/adeptia-connect --version <Version number> -f <PATH_OF_VALUES.YAML> --timeout 10m

    Use a specific version number in the version argument, else the latest version of Adeptia Connect will be installed.

    This command deploys Adeptia Connect on the Kubernetes cluster.


    Once you've completed the deployment, you need to configure your domain specific SSL certificate by using either of the two options:

    • Use Ingress in front of the Gateway service and configure SSL on Ingress.
    • Configure SSL directly on the Gateway service.

    To know more about configuring SSL, click here.