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  • You can now define pod annotation and pod label at global level in the global values.yaml file.
  • You can now define pod annotation for webapp-gateway, autoscaler, and event microservices under their respective sections in the global values.yaml file.
  • You can now use Datadog with Java Agent for logging and monitoring purposes.

 Bug ?xesfixes

  • The JSON Schema was taking longer than expected to process the records in a file.
  • When Azure AD authentication was enabled on application databases, the AIMAP service was getting failed to run.
  • The SOAP/REST provider, published as a Webhook or a Process Flow, was getting failed to execute on dedicated queue.
  • Users were not able to deploy the application with Horizontal Pod Autoscaling (HPA) enabled.


Adeptia Connect application (AC v4.0) is available as a Helm package in the ArtifactHUB. The migration Helm and roles zip also reside at ArtifactHUB. Here are their respective locations.

For the Helm package of other versions, select the appropriate version from the CHART VERSIONS section of the respective package in ArtifactHUB. 

To know about how to install the application using the Helm package, click here

AC v4.0 documentation 

You can visit the AC v4.0 documentation for detailed information on the application architecture, deployment, implementation, maintenance, and anything that you want to know about the application.