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The baseline for this version is AC v3.5. It also includes all the hot fixes on v3.5 (up to 3.5.12). Therefore, all the functionalities remain the same as those in AC v3.5. 

Adeptia Connect v4.0.1

Adeptia releases a patchthe version, AC v4.0.1, on the top of AC v4.0 and it includes the following new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. The documentation for AC v4.0.1 remains the same as that for AC v4.0.


  • Support for migrating select objects from AC v3.5 to AC v4.0.

Bug fixes


  • The Select Account page was getting displayed while creating a Transaction even when the Source Account was already defined in the corresponding Template using Snowflake.
  • A spawn flow with "wait for child" as false and the priority as "Real time processing" was not getting executed through RabbitMQ.
  • The system threw an error while executing a SOAP Provider for which the security policy had encryption enabled for both outgoing and incoming messages.
  • Users were not able to generate the PDF of a Process Flow using the Generate PDF option in WebPD.
  • Users were not able to connect to Azure SQLMi with AD authentication.

  • The Process Flow with email notification activity aborted with Read Timeout error.

  • System was not able to read Krb5.conf file while connecting to Kafka using Kerberos authentication.

  • Users were not able to migrate the objects exported from the LDAP enabled AC v3.5 to the AC v4.0 environment.  
  • Users were getting error while trying to move to the next screen from the Select Files/Folders page when they selected Individual Activities in the Select Export Criteria field to create the export xml file using the Solution Promotion.

What's to follow

Following refinements and known issues will be addressed in upcoming patches/releases. 


  • Tenant boundary based on Project for Transactions.
  • Performance optimization.

Known issues:

  • Published Webservice/ Web hook API sync mode does not support dedicated Queue and runtime.
  • RabbitMQ is not working in ssl mode. 
  • ai-map microservice is not working in ssl mode.

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