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New features and improvements

  • Preferred authentication methods for FTP activities
    FTP Source, Target, Event, Polling, and Account activities using SFTP protocol and Apache Camel as the connector now allow you to use your preferred authentication methods. The default set of authentication methods for these activities is 

Bug Fixes

Following Bugs have been fixed in this release:
  • The Process Flow was getting failed when the Remote File Path field of an FTP Source, Target, Event, or Polling activity associated with that Process Flow was left blank or had a “/” as its value.
  • Stored Procedure activity was getting aborted, showing the error “The defined Param is not found”.  
  • The users were not able to move the activities one by one of a project to another.
  • When multiple instances of a process flow with EDI schema as a source get executed, the resultant content of one file gets merged with another.
  • While creating a security policy in AIS, users were getting the option to select OAuth authentication method which is not supported in AIS.
  • An error  " Stream closed" was getting logged in the Webrunner logs every time the user logged into the application.
  • The Process Flows were getting failed because the special characters in the database were not getting filtered even when the Filter Invalid XML Characters" checkbox was checked in the Database Layout.
  • The File Polling service in a Process Flow is unable to process a file of 0KB size.

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