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You may sometimes need to upgrade the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) manually after you upgrade to a higher version of the application. This can happen due to a permission issue that restricts the JRE upgrade with the patch application. Here're the steps that you can follow to upgrade the JRE.

  1. Go to …<AdeptiaServerInstallFolder> location.

    If you find an additional folder with the name jre_01_08 at this location, rename it to jre_01_08_old.

  2. Rename the jre folder to jre_01_08_old or jre_old.
  3. Go to the location where you may have extracted a patch that contained a JRE upgrade.
    For more guidance on this, contact  Adeptia support.
  4. Copy the jre_win or jre_linux folder based on your environment and paste it at the …<AdeptiaServer> location.
  5. Rename the copied jre_win/jre_linux folder to jre.
  6. Run the Adeptia Suite build.