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Adeptia Suite is a web-based enterprise software product to manage, automate, and optimize business processes. It allows you to document and manage processes to make them consistent, repetitive, and visible. Adeptia Suite enables integration of disparate systems to manage enterprise-wide crucial information and automate information exchange. Its reporting capabilities provide transparent view of performance of business processes and resources, thus enabling their optimization.

Adeptia Suite comprises of four different editions that are designed to meet different business requirements. 


Adeptia Suite FeaturesEditions
    EnterprisePremierProfessionalExpress +ExpressFree
  Task Manager YNNNNN
  Task History YNNNNN
  Staff Task Manager YNNNNN
 My Documents        
  Document Manager YNNNNN
 My Solution  YNNNNN
  Process Flow  YYYNNN
  User Performance YNNNNN
  Execution Variables(Variable Tracker)YYYNNN
  Data Interface Dashboard YYYYNN
  Events YYYYYY
  Custom  YYYNNN
  Usage Report YYYYYY
  Custom  YYNNNN
  Audit Trail YYYYYY
  Event Log YYYYYY
  System Log YYYYYY
  Process Flow Log YYYYYY
  Data Interface Log YYYYNN
   Secure CommunicationAdd-OnAdd-OnAdd-OnAdd-OnAdd-OnN
 Project  YYYYYY
   Trading PartnerYYYYYY
  Secure Communications Add-OnAdd-OnAdd-OnAdd-OnAdd-OnN
  Data Interfaces YYYYNN
  Process Flow        
  Process Model YNNNNN
  Process Flow  YYYNNN
  File  YYYYYY
  Database YYYYNN
  Timer YYYNNN
  Calendar YYYYNN
  Event Registry YYYYYY
  Web Service YYNNNN
  Complex YYYNNN
  Application Event YYYYNN
 Web Form  YAdd-onAdd-onNNN
 Rich Form  YAdd-onAdd-onNNN
  Data Dictionary       
   Positional Data DictionaryYYYYYY
   EDI Data DictionaryYYYYYY
   File SourceYYYYYY
   LAN File SourceYYYYYY
   FTP sourceYYYYYY
   Mail SourceYYYYYY
   JMS SourceYYAdd-OnNNN
   Database SourceYYYYNN
   Adv. Database SourceYYYYNN
   WebDAV SourceYYYNNN
   Application SourceYYYYNN
   Text SchemaYYYYYY
   Adv. Text SchemaYYYYYY
   Excel SchemaYYYYNN
   Database SchemaYYYYNN
   Adv. Database SchemaYYYYNN
   Positional SchemaYYYYYY
   Adv. Positional SchemaYYYYYY
   XML ValidatorYYYYYY
   File TargetYYYYYY
   LAN File TargetYYYYYY
   Mail TargetYYYYYY
   JMS TargetYYAdd-OnNNN
   Database TargetYYYYNN
   Adv. Database TargetYYYYNN
   WebDAV TargetYYYNNN
   Application TargetYYYYNN
  Web Services       
   Security PolicyYYNNNN
   Web Service ConsumerYYNNNN
   Web Service ProviderYYNNNN
  Data Transform       
   Mapping TransformationYYYYYY
   Record to RecordYYYNNN
   Data SecurityYYYYYY
   Key ManagerYYYYYY
   Custom pluginYYYNNN
   Native CallYYYNNN
   File Polling ServiceYYYNNN
   FTP Polling ServiceYYYNNN
   Database Polling ServiceYYYNNN
   Mail Polling ServiceYYYNNN
   Database DriverYYYYNN
   Database InfoYYYYNN
   JMS ProviderYYAdd-OnNNN
   Context UploadYYYNNN
   Context downloadYYYNNN
   Stored ProcedureYYYNNN
   Mail NotificationYYYYYY
  Workflow Task YNNNNN
 Reports & Dashboard       
  Custom Report YYNNNN
  Dashboard Component YYYNNN
  Dashboard Design YYYNNN
  Group YYYYYY
  Application Settings YYYYYY
  Business Role YYNNNN
  Kernel YYYYYY
  Scheduler YYYYYY
  Log Clean-up YYYYYY
  Secret Key YYYYNN
 System Console YYYYYY
   Total Users505050505050
   Trading partners555552
   Concurrent Flow20205511
   Dynamic Process flowYYNNNN
   Fork Child flowYYNNNN
   View references and dependencies YYYYNN
   Clustering YYYYYN
   Single Sign On  YNNNNN
   Secure EngineYYYNNN
If you want to upgrade from free to any paid edition, download the installer from the Adeptia website and re-install it. After that, you can migrate your objects from free to paid edition.
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