Spazio Listener enables you to specify when and how frequently a process flow should be executed based on the creation of a new file, for example, queueName="FILE.QMGR01" queueName="FILE.QUEUE02", in a pre-defined location.

To create spazio listener:

  1. Click Configure > EVENTS > Spazio MFT/s Listener.
  2. Click Create Spazio MFT/s Listener.

  3. On the Create Spazio MFT/s Listener screen, provide the following details.

    NameName of the Spazio MFT/s listener.
    DescriptionDescription of the Spazio MFT/s listener.
    Spazio ConnectionSelect the Spazio MFT Server Connection from the drop-down list under which you want to create MFT File Event.
    QueueName of the default Queue where files are queued.
    User Class NameName of the Primeur Spazio MFT/s user class.
    Sender NameName of Primeur Spazio MFT/s sender. The sender in this context is a logical MFT level sender identifier (not the actual userid/subject in AuthN/AuthZ terms) and can be used for filtering.
    Correlation Id

    Name of Primeur Spazio MFT/s correlation identifier. Correlation identifier is a logical tag that can be associated with Primeur Spazio MFT/s files having some business level affinity (for example, "PAYROLL.FILES") and can be used for filtering.

    User IdPrimeur Spazio MFT/s connection user id.
    PasswordPrimeur Spazio MFT/s connection password.
    Select ProjectSelect the project from the drop-down box.

    Field Name


  4. Click Save.