This section helps you publish web services in a clustering environment. Web services published in a clustering mode ensures that the request sent by a consumer is responded even if one of the node in the cluster is down.


For information on how to setup Adeptia Suite in a clustering mode, refer to Clustering Deployment Guide.

For example, you have configured a network load balancer on IP The Adeptia nodes are running on IPs and respectively. Here, Adeptia node means Adeptia Suite Kernel and WebRunner. Both the nodes are configured in a clustered mode.

Perform the following steps to publish web services:

  1. Login to Adeptia Suite of first node through URL
  2. Publish the Web Service.

    For information on how to publish web service, refer to Creating Web Service.
  3. Go the ...<AdeptiaInstallFolder>/ServerKernel/wsdl
  4. Copy the WSDL files generated while publishing the Web Service and paste them into the  ...<AdeptiaInstallFolder>/ServerKernel/wsdl folder of another node.
  5. Now login to another node through URL
  6. Edit and save the Web Service Provider activity, which you have created on the first node ( This will publish the same Web Service on second node also.
  7. Go to Develop > Services > Web Services > Provider.
  8. Download the WSDL of the Web Service that you have published.
  9. Edit the WSDL in any text editor.
  10. Replace the address, mentioned within soap:address:location tag, with the address of the network load balancer. For example:

  11. Save the file.
  12. Configure the Network load balancer to forward the request on these two nodes ( and For information on how to configure load balancer, refer to Configuring Load Balancer.
  13. Use this updated WSDL to access the Web Service that you have published. So your request will be send to the network load balancer and the network load balancer forwards this request to these nodes.